Learning to love bloglovin and feedly {Two alternatives to Google Reader}

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Title/Heading feedly and bloglovin: Replacing Google Reader via amommaly.com
I am not a big fan of change. When I find things that I like, I keep them. When I fall into routines that work, I continue them. I rarely change my furniture around. I like stability. I like things more or less predictable. I like to know that certain things will be a certain way. Which may or may not explain why I have waited until the last possible second to find a new Reader for my RSS feeds. If you haven't heard already, Google Reader is no longer going to be available as of July 1st. 

As in a few days. What does this mean?

If you use Google Reader you must, must find a replacement. On Monday morning, it will not exist, and neither will the happy list of websites and blogs you may have stored in your reader.  If you follow this blog using Google Reader (if you subscribed to my RSS feed and chose Google Reader to receive this feed) you will need to subscribe to my RSS feed in a different reader before Monday. I hope that you do, because I would be sad to lose readers over this change. 

So, what do you need to do? 

You can always subscribe to amommaly via email.

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But if you follow tons of websites and blogs and news sites you obviously can't have them bombarding your inbox every morning. And neither can I. I follow a few sites via email and the rest I subscribed to RSS in my reader. 

The two alternatives that I am currently using and still getting a feel for are feedly and bloglovin.
They are both very different, and I am thinking I like feedly best, probably because it has an option to view your feeds in a plain list view much like Google Reader. Simple. It's very intuitive though, and you can actually do a lot with feedly. You can search your favorite sites, add content, search topics and popular blogs, and change your theme. You can view your feeds in a few different ways, from a simple list to a fancy magazine. If you switch over NOWISH you can actually transfer all of your Google Reader feeds over to feedly with one click, honestly. One tiny click, and poof. Feeds everywhere. 

feedly is available on desktop(accounts are free), and they have iPad, iPhone, and Android versions available for free, and of course, you can follow me on feedly

I have also just signed up on bloglovin, which offers up your feeds looking super pretty. Again, very easy to search and find your favorite sites as well as discover new ones and if you move NOWISH bloglovin can also transfer your feeds from Google Reader. Bonus. Also, amommaly is on bloglovin and of course you an follow me there.                                Follow my blog with Bloglovin
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feedly and bloglovin: Replacing Google Reader via amommaly.com

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feedly and bloglovin: Replacing Google Reader via amommaly.com
Do I love them? Not yet. But I will, I'm sure. I'm just a creature of habit and these things take time. I'm sure I will love them both one day very soon. I'd love for you to join in on the love.~
Remember you can always find me on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram too!  ( follow this link for Instagram, as a reminder, I recently changed my username to kgandcompany on Instagram!) 
If you are a blogger on bloglovin, let me know so I can add you to my fancy new bloglovin account. 


  1. I use both Feedly and BlogLovin' and I prefer the former, it's so easy!

    1. Thanks Alison!

      Now that it's been a few days for me, I think I am in agreement with ya', Feedly is SO easy, and I, too, like the sharing options as you mentioned.

      I appreciate you stopping by!

  2. Hi Kim, have you tried hinto.co for reading news ?

    It's a free web app that allows you to select which websites contents to keep up with and you can seamlessly sign up with Facebook.


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