Lost ( a little poem for you)***writing challenge***

Trifecta Writing Challenge #1

"This weekend's challenge is to write a story entitled 'Lost' in 
exactly 33 words. The word 'lost' can only appear in the title, not your 33 words."


Sunlight slices her face in half
biting her lip in that girlish sort of way
memories on the inside
of her thighs

Thirty six hours
Twenty one lines
Still yet,

I would love me some comments! 


  1. Yo, Kim. Provocative stuff. "[M]emories on the inside of [a] thigh[]" = AWESOME! Trifectans of the world UNITE!

  2. Yo, Whoever you Are ( i mean that in the nicest way!!) Thank You!

  3. It flows nicely, but this must be a girl thing.

    1. Yes...I believe this to be true :) Thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment!

  4. love the poem - laughing with booguloo on his comment.

    Yeah, maybe a girl thing. :)

  5. Ouch. The memories on the inside of the thigh struck me as well. It makes me think of someone who is identifying herself by sex.

  6. I love the "sticky / salty / memories on the inside of her thighs." I'll need to think over the connection between verses. I can't quite crack it, and I want to. I love the imagery. And I love a poem that challenges me. Thanks!

  7. You guysssss!!! I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to have written my first poem in a bazillion years, posted it on the Internet, AND to see that I have actually received some feedback! I am smiling and feeling satisfied and feeling like maybe this whole internet bloggy thing isn't so bad after all.
    Thank YOU all

  8. I like how you began the poem. The imagery of her face being sliced in the sun and her biting her lip was perfect. Really nice job. So sad there was "darkness" in the end.

  9. Thanks for linking up, Kim. I love this one. There's an incredible amount in here for only 33 words. I agree with the others, the imagery is fabulous. Hopefully we will see you for the weekday challenge starting on Monday.


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